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2009Jul4 Distrusting Government Healthcare

2009Jul4 Distrusting Government Healthcare


This week’s poll results examine how respondents view the current discussions surrounding the creation of a governmental health care expansion. The poll was not scientific and was driven by radio listeners of the syndicated Don Creech Radio Show and subscribers to its “Week in Review” email. Listen or subscribe at
Do you approve or disapprove of the way Barak Obama is handling healthcare?
All of the respondents in this week’s poll have a strong bias against the President’s proposed governmental health care expansion. Almost 85% of respondents disapprove of the President’s proposals for socializing the health care system. This is radically different than reported during the press conferences and town hall meetings.
Do you think the government would do a better or worse job than private insurance companies in providing medical coverage?
There was a slightly more optimistic view of the government’s ability to outperform private insurance. Yet, the opponents are still 77%, far outweighing the proponents.
Do you think the government would do a better or worse job than private insurance companies in holding down healthcare cost?
Almost 85% of respondents disbelieve government can hold down healthcare costs. There certainly is no evidence that this can be achieved if we examine socialized medical systems around the world. Not only are costs high but care levels have been reduce especially for those with critical ailments or late-in-life health problems.
Would you be willing or not willing to pay higher taxes so that all Americans have health insurance that they can’t lose no matter what?
Again, the opponents are 77%, far outweighing the proponents. California has a de facto universal health care system which has been bankrupting and closing hospitals. We should learn from California’s lesson and avoid implementing the resulting problem on the entire nation.
Do you think the federal government should guarantee health insurance for all Americans, or isn’t this the responsibility of the federal government?
Again, the opponents are 77%, far outweighing the proponents. There is, obviously, a bias towards personal responsibility.
Should Congress be exempt from the healthcare reforms that they enact?
Respondents were unanimous in their position. Everyone agrees that Congress should be subject to the same plan imposed on the public. If it is not good enough for members of Congress and their families, we should not be subjected to healthcare coverage they deem unacceptable for themselves.
Should union members be exempt from the proposed taxation of healthcare benefits?
Respondents were, also, unanimous on this issue. If healthcare benefits are going to be subject to income taxation, there should be no special exemption for union members. This proposal is clearly a sop to the unions for their previous and presumptive political support for Democrats.
The economics of government run healthcare and the rationalization for controlling costs are usually not well thought out. Thomas Sowell lays out very logical arguments explaining why we should be skeptical. We recommend reading his comments at: