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Investment Process 

The new millennium ended a twenty year bull market.

Investors suffered through a roller coaster decade counting themselves lucky if they ended up where they started. With 2009, a new bull market began with much disbelief and distrust. Navigating a new world became an over whelming task for many investors. With market trends ebbing and flowing as ocean tides, fear has been the common emotional tie for investors. A disciplined, data driven rules based process that is repeatable provides a resolution for portfolio construction and risk management. Cash is a separate and important asset class. Using relative strength, cash can be emphasized as a primary portfolio position as market risk rises. This will not happen if you are using Modern Portfolio Theory. Relative strength is a tactical investment process to identify strength and weakness in global markets and the underlying components. If you want to consider implementing this process in your accounts, Investor Resources can help. IRI has several strategies available to accommodate portfolios of various sizes.

Asset Class Rotation: Markets shift with adjustments in global economies and demographic demand for products and services. Investors adapt by changing what they are willing to buy or sell in the capital markets. Price trends are an indicator of investors' optimism or pessimism on any specific issue or asset class. You can see our recent changes here. Ask us for a free evaluation of your present portfolio.